Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Well Hmph!

Seems I havent been to up to date on this blog. I can honestly say I havent had time. Ive been spring cleaning and am a youth leader active in the church plus both of my kids are playing softball. SIGH...makes me a busy person. I havent stitched much either. I have many projects started and need to get BUSY. The year is getting away and Ive only completed 1 project! I used to stitch all the time.
I think I might when I get back from taking the kids to school...sigh


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wip and update

I have been working on Bent Creek's Snappers. I haven't been feeling so well, infact, I did't go to church Sunday at all and I didn't go work my 3 hour shift last night. (yes..just 3 hrs) sigh. On the plus side of that..I got called in to come early today so I can pick 2 of those back up. Thats good. Autumn and Devin are both sick. UGG.. Poor Autumn is almost 13 so you can imagine whats wrong with her. Shes having terrible headaches and tummy cramps. I feel so sorry for my baby. I wish I could magically make her pain go away but I cant. Sigh...

Ohh no..thats 2 sighs in one post! On to some good wip! As I said above..its Bent Creeks snappers. Im doing them all on one piece of fabric so I thought they could be finished as a wall hanging. ( I hope) I also have LK 12 Blessings of Christmas that I want to finish that way as well. Im using DMC adia . Its from the marblized series they came out with in 07 I think.

Anyways..I got all 3 colors at Hobby Lobby and thought this blue would be good for this. I like doing LK and Bent Creek charts on adia, They just seem to go quicker for me. Im also working on LK's Love Keeps Us Warm. Its on 32 cnt I think and very tedious for me. Im also fixing to start LK Time For God. First though, I must do Ruby's tooth fairy pillow. I have already given Carly hers and need to post a pic of her with it. So cute! Well..I will be off line MAYBE for a few days. We are switching servers and Im not sure how quickly we will be getting connected with the other. I hope everyone has a blessed day!

Please feel free to post a comment if you wish.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Last night...

I started Bent Creek's monthly snappers. I found the first 6 months charts with fabric and threads all kitted up. I was going to do this as a round robin Im assuming before I quit stitching a year ago. Well anyways..its started now. January is almost done! YEA! I dont have the snaps but I think Ill just use some buttons or leave them off. Ill post a WIP tomorrow..its 2 am and Im going to bed! Goodnight everyone..
Happy Stitching..

Ohhh I will have another (actually 2) new wips this week. Im starting a new Lizzie Kate and Ruby's tooth fairy pillow. Too many wips...uggg..but that will keep me from getting bored. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Carly's tooth fairy pillow finished!

I have finished Carly's tooth fairy pillow. Its not my best finish but its done and not a moment too soon. Shes got a very loose tooth! Now I must start Ruby's. (pics are front and back) I think I will work on my LK Wip tonight though while I watch My Sister's Keeper. Has anyone seen this yet? I have waited a while and now there's a bowl game yea...Hubby is watching that! Jeez! Well off to stitch til I can watch the movie. The game is in the 3rd quarter.

Everyone stay warm!

Happy Stitching..


Friday, January 8, 2010

No more snow!

Although it is beautiful..Shawn can't work when the ground is frozen. It is very hard to get a cable in the ground when the machine can't get the ground to open up. I feel some housework (ugg) and some stitching coming on! (yea!) Aww there are some birdies on the well house. I can see them out the window..such cute little bird prints. Shawn wants me to go to town but Id rather stay here and stitch! After lunch..I will get to work on the tooth fairy pillow for my niece. The first one is almost finished. Watch for a pic tonight or tomorrow. STAY WARM!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Old finishes...

Ok..these are all finishes I had stored in a ziplock bag. I really need to finish these into actual finishes. The first is Lizzie Kate's " 12 Blessings of Christmas." It was a RR that I participated it. I think I'll make it into a wall hanging.

The 2nd is a halloween design I stitched while my Grandmother was in ICU. I can't remember the designer or the name. I'll have to look that up.

3. Here with the ghost is "Holy Sheet." The designer is Poppy Kreations. I loved this little guy! The lime green on the sign glows in the dark. Cute touch I thought.

4.The "snow" flowers is "Winter Grows on You"..another design I'm afraid to say that I can't remember the details right off the top os my head.

5.Here is a little quicky..another Lizzie Kate.."Hello Spring" I picked it up at Dixie Darlins in Pigeon Forge. I think this year it will be turned into an ornament. After 2 deserves to be turned into something. All of these were stitched in 07. I have many more..just most are in the homes of the new owners. I hope this blog is coming along. I hope you enjoy looking at my pics. I'm now off to admire everyone elses. :)

More Wips..Lizzie Kate

Ok so here is my other current WIP. Its Lizzie Kate's "Love Keeps Us Warm". It snowed here today. We have almost 2 inches..the schools closed early and are all out for tomorrow. Including the city! WOW! I think it is the fear of the black ice not just the snow. I think I will at least get the little snowman that I have started completed and start another in honor of the snow we have gotten. Yep..I will do that! Ill try to finish putting my nieces name on her pillow and get it sewn and start the other tomorrow. : )

Wips as promised!

Bare with me..Im still learning how to post pics and blog! The first 2 pics are the tooth fairy pillow that I am doing for my 2 nieces. The first is almost done. Im using SSS threads. I will post more details on the next WIP picture or finish .

This pic is going to be my next "to start" WIP. It will be the birth sampler that I will do for a friend at church. I still have to find the perfect fabric for it. The kit came w/out the fabric but had all instructions, chart and the threads. I guess I cant complain since I paid a whopping 10 cents for it at the local Habitat for Humanity thrift store! : ) I LOVE that store!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pictures taken!

I have 3 wips! Yikes! Im currently working on Lizzie Kate's "Love Keeps Us Warm", "Tooth Fairy Pillow" by Vicki Fisher of Angelic Crafts, and am fixing to start "Baby Sampler" by Heartwarmer Designs. This one is cute and the best thing is I picked up the whole kit for 10 cents at my local Habitat for Humanity store! LOVE that place!
1. WIP will be for myself. Im not sure yet how I will finish it.
2. WIP is actually for my nieces. I will be stitching 2 of them.
3. WIP is for a special friend at church who is expecting her 3rd little girl.

I have take pictures of all of these. I will post them as soon as my daughter gets home. Im not sure how to do it on her new computer. LOL
I think Ill just stitck to stitching! I know how to do that. Off to do that now infact! :)


Monday, January 4, 2010


It is freezing here. Its not supposed to get above 29 all week. Too cold! I wish Spring would hurry. Im currently stitching on a Lizzie Kate. Ill post pics and details when I get home from town ..YUCK! Too cold to go out there! Everyone have a blessed day!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starting Over

I started a new blog but it seems to have gotten lost along the way. Therefore, here I am starting again. I hope this one doesnt disappear! : )