Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pictures taken!

I have 3 wips! Yikes! Im currently working on Lizzie Kate's "Love Keeps Us Warm", "Tooth Fairy Pillow" by Vicki Fisher of Angelic Crafts, and am fixing to start "Baby Sampler" by Heartwarmer Designs. This one is cute and the best thing is I picked up the whole kit for 10 cents at my local Habitat for Humanity store! LOVE that place!
1. WIP will be for myself. Im not sure yet how I will finish it.
2. WIP is actually for my nieces. I will be stitching 2 of them.
3. WIP is for a special friend at church who is expecting her 3rd little girl.

I have take pictures of all of these. I will post them as soon as my daughter gets home. Im not sure how to do it on her new computer. LOL
I think Ill just stitck to stitching! I know how to do that. Off to do that now infact! :)



  1. Hello Jenni, hope to see pictures of your progress.

  2. Looking forward to reading your blog and seeing pics of your work.