Thursday, January 7, 2010

Old finishes...

Ok..these are all finishes I had stored in a ziplock bag. I really need to finish these into actual finishes. The first is Lizzie Kate's " 12 Blessings of Christmas." It was a RR that I participated it. I think I'll make it into a wall hanging.

The 2nd is a halloween design I stitched while my Grandmother was in ICU. I can't remember the designer or the name. I'll have to look that up.

3. Here with the ghost is "Holy Sheet." The designer is Poppy Kreations. I loved this little guy! The lime green on the sign glows in the dark. Cute touch I thought.

4.The "snow" flowers is "Winter Grows on You"..another design I'm afraid to say that I can't remember the details right off the top os my head.

5.Here is a little quicky..another Lizzie Kate.."Hello Spring" I picked it up at Dixie Darlins in Pigeon Forge. I think this year it will be turned into an ornament. After 2 deserves to be turned into something. All of these were stitched in 07. I have many more..just most are in the homes of the new owners. I hope this blog is coming along. I hope you enjoy looking at my pics. I'm now off to admire everyone elses. :)

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