Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wip and update

I have been working on Bent Creek's Snappers. I haven't been feeling so well, infact, I did't go to church Sunday at all and I didn't go work my 3 hour shift last night. (yes..just 3 hrs) sigh. On the plus side of that..I got called in to come early today so I can pick 2 of those back up. Thats good. Autumn and Devin are both sick. UGG.. Poor Autumn is almost 13 so you can imagine whats wrong with her. Shes having terrible headaches and tummy cramps. I feel so sorry for my baby. I wish I could magically make her pain go away but I cant. Sigh...

Ohh no..thats 2 sighs in one post! On to some good news..my wip! As I said above..its Bent Creeks snappers. Im doing them all on one piece of fabric so I thought they could be finished as a wall hanging. ( I hope) I also have LK 12 Blessings of Christmas that I want to finish that way as well. Im using DMC adia . Its from the marblized series they came out with in 07 I think.

Anyways..I got all 3 colors at Hobby Lobby and thought this blue would be good for this. I like doing LK and Bent Creek charts on adia, They just seem to go quicker for me. Im also working on LK's Love Keeps Us Warm. Its on 32 cnt I think and very tedious for me. Im also fixing to start LK Time For God. First though, I must do Ruby's tooth fairy pillow. I have already given Carly hers and need to post a pic of her with it. So cute! Well..I will be off line MAYBE for a few days. We are switching servers and Im not sure how quickly we will be getting connected with the other. I hope everyone has a blessed day!

Please feel free to post a comment if you wish.


  1. Sorry to hear that you and your family are poorly. Your snappers look great!

  2. Your snappers look lovely. Sorry to hear that you have been a bit under the weather - hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  3. Your WIP looks cute. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  4. Nice progress here - hope you're all well soon!